A general handyman is way more useful than you think. If your light bulbs flicker, kitchen sinks clog, and water pipes drip, you might consider taking such tasks all by yourself unless you are trained to do so. In fact, a lot of tasks that appear easy to do doesn’t just need hands-on experience and knowledge, they require spare parts and special tools as well. Rather than trying to learn how to do such home repairs by yourself, wasting some bucks on buying spare parts or tools that you might not utilize again, and spending your time determining which supplies you do need, you should contact a general handyman instead. To do so, you need to know how to successfully hire a reliable handyman.  

Current Jobs 

Ask about the number of projects the handyman is managing simultaneously. You wouldn’t want your project to be indefinitely be delayed until he has concluded his previous project.  


Though a lot of handymen don’t give a warranty, you still need to ask about it. You should hire a handyman who can give you a warranty. This is important to guarantee that your home is secured against bad work ethics and output. 

Have the needed permits 

Make sure that they can obtain the needed permits and have the plans passed in the event if you want to do a major remodeling project.  

You should never pay ahead of time 

Most of the reliable handymen only ask for 1/3 of the total amount of the service. You only have to pay that amount first together with the supplies needed to be added.   

The lowest price isn’t always the best 

                                                                               When a handyman offers very low market rates, there’s a possibility that the supplies will be poor in quality, the work won’t be great, or there may be something suspicious regarding the handyman himself.   

Get everything in writing 

The cost of supplies, estimate, or contract—all such aspects must be enclosed in a written format.  

Discuss the payment in detail 

You can choose to pay on an hourly rate or ask for an estimate ahead of time before commencing the project. You can also ask whether they accept credit cards or not. 

Inspect their physical office’s location 

When it’s near to your place, you can come to their office in person and check whether a particular handyman works at that company or not.  

Get some references 

A handyman who’s familiar with his job is expected to have many previous customers who would be glad to recommend him to you. 

Ask for their insurance and license  

They might help you once the handyman gets injured as you work at home. 

Never be intimidated by them 

If you got any further inquiries, don’t hesitate to ask. 

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