Do you have a very old concrete driveway? Are you forced to drive over potholes and deep cracks every time you park your car?  

If that’s the case, it might be time to replace it. Of course, you can replace a concrete driveway on your own, especially if you have the tools and skills. However, if you really want a concrete driveway that lasts, you need to hire concrete contractors Las Vegas

Here are a couple of indications that you need to replace your concrete driveway: 

Huge Potholes 

Nobody wants to pay for fixing concrete driveways. These people also don’t want to spend money on car repairs. However, these two have a tendency to go hand in hand. You’ve got higher chances of damaging the suspension system and your tires if you’ve got a huge pothole in your driveway.  

If you take care of your concrete driveway, you can save yourself money from an unanticipated car repair. Though you can fill minor potholes, this cannot be applied to huge ones. You will have no other option but to replace the whole driveway once a pothole becomes very huge.  

Deep Cracks 

The thaw and freeze cycles can be detrimental to your concrete driveway. It can create deep cracks along the surface since the ground beneath the driveway swells. Concrete driveway cracks can widen and transform into potholes if you ignore them. Aside from that, water can also leak inside the cracks and expand as it freezes during the winter.  

Though you can fill minor cracks, this cannot be applied if the cracks are already deep and wide. Because of this, it is vital that you regularly maintain your concrete driveway. Else, you might have to spend a lot of money on concrete driveway replacement.  

Standing Water 

You shouldn’t overlook standing water. If you’ve got water pooling in your driveway, it means that you have a sunken concrete driveway. Obviously, a professional concrete contractor knows how to fix this. However, if they can’t fix it, they might suggest a complete concrete driveway replacement. For those who don’t know, sunken concrete can be an indication that your foundation is starting to fail. 

Because of this, as soon as you see standing water, you need to contact a professional concrete contractor right away. Else, the water can weaken the driveway and create potholes and cracks. Aside from that, water can penetrate the foundation and will cause damage in the future.  

Old Age 

We all know that nothing lasts forever in this world. Of course, this includes your concrete driveway. Even though concrete is extremely durable, it is still susceptible to wear and tear. You will start noticing more indications of wear and tear if your driveway is around 3 decades old. For instance, you might see more potholes and cracks as time passes by. Though concrete can last for a couple of decades, it does depend on a couple of factors. This includes the level of traffic, level of maintenance, method of installation, and the climate.